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Friday 16 September 2016

Tagging Classical Music:Part I - The Track Artist

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In Pop/Rock music there is usually a single performer or band who is credited for the track. They are often the composer of the song as well but when they are not the details of the writer are not usually so important, the artist credits on the release itself make it clear who should be credited for each track.

For example 19 the first album by Adele contains mainly songs written by Adele, but track 9 Make You Feel My Love is a cover of a Bob Dylan song, and the main composer of track 3 Chasing Pavements is Ed White. However the Track Artist for all songs is Adele.

But in Classical music, various performers, an orchestra, a conductor and a composer are all usually credited, this means there is potentially a long list of people credited for each track, and we don’t have an accepted order they should be added in.

MusicBrainz approach is to store the Composer in the Track Artist field as can be seen in the release of Piano Concertos whereby all songs are credited to Mozart.

However the the actual performers of each track such as this one are stored in the Recording Artist field, and as relationships between the recording and various people involved.

Until now Taggers usually take the track artist field from the databases such as MusicBrainz  and use it for the Artist field, the result of this was that the Composer was added to both the Composer and Artist fields, and the performers were only stored in specialist fields like Performer and Conductor, if at all. But this rather simplistic approach is not really satisfactory for Classical music

In the Part 2 we explain how SongKong uses a more sensible value for Track Artist in Classical music.

Go to Part 2:A Sensible Track Artist

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