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Thursday 31 August 2017

Jaikoz Apple Mac Customers, fix for iTunes Updating issue

After releasing Jaikoz 9.2.0 a few Apple customers reported they were no longer able to update iTunes, getting the following error reported

But despite testing against exactly the same version of iTunes I was unable to reproduce the error. But then after upgrading my secondary Mac (Mac mini connected to my TV) to OSX 10.12 Sierra I did start getting the error. The previous version (Jaikoz 9.1.0) was continuing to work indicating there was indeed an error with Jaikoz 9.2.0

This stumped me for a while since I had already double checked that I had made no code changes to the iTunes part of the code base. I delved further and realized that the error message was misleading the problem was not particular to creating a playlist folder, it was larger than that: Jaikoz could not find the Applescript Engine.

I then remembered I had modified the build script, and in doing so had inadvertently dropped the required AppleScriptEngine.jar from being part of the final release. Its always the 'minor' changes that cause the problems.

This file is installed as standard as part of the legacy Apple Java 6 version so my development machine continued to work but the file was not on my second machine, it came with Jaikoz 9.1.0 but not not with Jaikoz 9.2.0.

So I hope some of you found that explanation diverting, and we have now fixed the problem.
If you simply download from Jaikoz for OSX and install then this issue will be resolved. I have not done a full release for this as this introduces further complexities. Jaikoz is still version 9.2.0 but if you go to Jaikoz:About and look at the Build Date it should now say 31 August 2017 rather than 31 July 2017


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