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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Twonky UPnP with SongKong

SongKong for Melco is not restricted for use by only Melco customers. But it has been designed in conjunction with Melco to solve the some of the issues that Melco customers have had with their metadata.

We have concentrated on getting it working seamlessly with the MinimServer UPnP server, since this is the most flexible UPnP server I have found, best able to utilize SongKongs' superior metadata coverage.

Melco already have a way to install MinimServer on the Melco and is expected to be the preferred option for Melco customers. But currently the default UPnP server shipped with Melco is Twonky

Twonky Support

As a Melco user it is likely that your music files are either in Flac or Wav format. Please be aware there are some issues with Wav format if using Twonky. 

Twonky has Limited Wav Metadata Support

Twonky only supports the limited Wav Info metadata instead of the richer Wav ID3 metadata. So it will only utilize basic fields such as artist, album and title

Twonky only Reads Wav Artwork from a File

By default SongKong embeds the artwork into the file itself, just like all other metadata, this is the most flexible approach. But for Twonky to see this artwork you need to also save this to the album folder as a folder.jpg file

This is easily done by setting Save artwork to Filesystem to a Yes option. Either the  and overwrite existing artwork files in folder or but do not overwrite existing artwork files in folder option depending on whether or not you want to overwrite any existing artwork. Then ensuring that Saved artwork filename is set to folder

Twonky on Melco Over-Zealous on Monitoring

If SongKong is used to update your songs directly on the Melco via a network share then Twonky can be over zealous and start rescanning as soon as it notices any changes instead of waiting until SongKong has completed. 

This extra processing will slow down SongKong so it is best to temporarily disable Twonky from running on Melco whilst updating from SongKong.

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