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Wednesday 27 September 2017

Fix for OSX High Sierra breaking menubar for non English languages on Jaikoz and Songkong

In August we reported that Apples beta version of their High Sierra operating system was broken for all Java applications because it did not display the menubar properly.

Update Nov 15th 2017, Apple have eventually fixed this with the OSX 13.1 release, and we have reverted the now unnecessary fix in SongKong 4.13, we will do the same thing with the next Jaikoz release.

On Sunday 25th September High Sierra was officially released and the problem appeared to be resolved. However it only works if OSX preferred language is set to English otherwise the menubar does not work.

Hopefully Apple will fix this soon but in the meantime we have a workaround for both Jaikoz and SongKong with only a minor side effect: 

  • Within Finder in Applications right-click on Jaikoz or SongKong and select Show Package Contents
  • Select Contents
  • Open Info.plist for editing
  • Find the line that says CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations and change the line below it from true to false
  • Save the changes

Now start Jaikoz or SongKong, this should resolve the issue. 


Since we don't know when Apple will fix this we have now uploaded new versions of Jaikoz 9.2.0, SongKong 4.12 and SongKong for Melco 4.12 for mac users with the above workaround in place. So if you now just download Jaikoz or SongKong from http://www.jthink.net the Menu bar will continue to work. 

The version number has not changed so if you already had the latest version you will not get prompted to update. But we have updated the build date of these replacement versions to 27th of September 2017 - and you can see this in the About window.


There is one negative side effect meaning that in the main Jaikoz/SongKong menu and folder dialogs used by Jaikoz/SongKong will now show as English when they should be in your preferred language

Below is an example showing SongKong in German with and without fix.

Without Fix

Menu is incorrect, but when I click on Wรคhle Ordner to open folder buttons are still in German

With Fix

Menu now works properly, but menu items under the SongKong menu are incorrectly in English and buttons in folder dialog are also in English. But other options in SongKong will correctly be displayed in German.

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