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Tuesday 17 October 2017

Jaikoz 9.3.0 Release with new metadata fields

Today on October 17th 2017 we are pleased to announce a new release of Jaikoz. 

The focus of this new release is the addition of some new metadata fields plus some fixes related to metadata editing, it can be downloaded from here

MinimServer Grouping


MinimServer is a powerful uPNP server that can be used to stream to uPNP devices, it is typically used to stream music from high end audio systems but can also be used just as successfully on a PC or Mac. It has a way to group tracks that is especially useful for classical music with the MinimServer Group field (note this is different to the more common Grouping field).  We already had support for automatically updating this custom field with SongKong. We now support automatic updating with Jaikoz, and of course with Jaikoz you can manually edit the field as well.

Overall Work

Jaikoz already had support for the Work field. Typically with classical music tracks represent movements that are part of a Work. But sometimes that Work is part of a larger work, most notably Operas that have recordings linked to Scenes that are parts of Acts, that are part of the overall Opera.

Now the all encompassing work is stored as the Overall Work 


Jaikoz already adds performers and their instruments when matching the releases on MusicBrainz and Discogs. This information is stored in the Performer field in the form Person:Instrument for ID3 formats such as Mp3 and Wav, and Person (Instrument) for VorbisComment formats such as OggVorbis and Flac.

But now we add the person only to the PerformerName field and the Instrument only to the Instrument field. This means you can easily sort or index your music by the instruments used.


In a similar way to how the ISRC field can identify a unique recording the ISWC field can identify a unique work. Artists and labels can have an IPI, this is used to identify the interested parties of an ISWC (such as the composer of the work). We have now added ISWC and IPI fields to Jaikoz that can currently be manually edited, in a future release we will automatically add the metadata from MusicBrainz.

Single Disc Track No  

For Multi-Disc releases it is sometimes useful to just consider the releases as a single disc release. This is the purpose of the SingleDiscTrackNo release, Jaikoz automatically adds this data when releases are matched to MusicBrainz.

This field can be used in music players instead of the TrackNo to view albums as single disc albums.

Lyricist Sort

We already have sort fields for most people, such as the composer, conductor. Now we added a sort field for the lyricist.

Other Fixes

There are also a number of fixes, mostly related to some issues with advanced editing of some fields with Jaikoz. The full list of fixes can be found here



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