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Sunday 29 October 2017

Jaikoz X - Technical Road Map

We are pleased to announce our plans for Jaikoz X, the tenth major version of Jaikoz.


Firstly there are some important improvements we want to make how Jaikoz generally works.

Slow Start Up Time

Jaikoz is slower than it could be to start up, and this is mainly because it has to read the user options, this is an encrypted Xml file. With hindsight there was no need to use an Xml file instead of a standard properties file, there is no need to encrypt it and Jaikoz does not need to read more than a few items at start up.

We are going to replace the Xml file with a properties file, this is quite a task because it affects all preferences, but in the last two versions of Jaikoz we have used a properties file for new preferences so we have made a start on this. But an improvement in start up speed will not be seen until we have converted all the preferences so that the Xml file does not need to be used.

Tabbed Spreadsheet Edit View

The idea of the spreadsheet editing was always to let you display any columns you  like and in any order you like to suit you. The trouble is that Jaikoz supports nearly 200 different metadata fields and the temptation is to display all of them but this can make the application rather slow and cumbersome, in particular changing the column ordering by drag and drop is very slow.

The solution is to have multiple Edit tabs, we already have this in the form of Edit and ID3 Edit tabs, we want to extend the Edit tab to have different type of Edit tab.

We want to eventually allow you to create arbitrary edit tabs with arbitrary columns but think a good starting point would be tabs that roughly mimic the detail tabs, namely an Info, MusicBrainz, Sorting, Relations, Mood, Classical and Custom

SongKong Feature Parity

There are some features in SongKong that should be part of Jaikoz as well, in some cases they are an improved version of a Jaikoz implementation. We want to update Jaikoz so that it has the same functionality as the improved SongKong Features.


Multiple Filenaming Masks

SongKong has improved file-naming, We will a add a list of pre created rename masks to Jaikoz, that can be edited plus new masks can be created and saved. And allow functions be saved independently so they can be used by multiple file naming masks.


Song Only Matching (Pro Only)

SongKong has Song Only Matching. By default Jaikoz groups tracks logically and only allows a match if a release can be found that the complete set of tracks can be matched to, if only some tracks can be matched then no changes are made. However often Jaikoz can identify the song just not the album, since songs are usually available on multiple albums and usually the song can be correctly identified by its acoustic fingerprint but the particular album the customer has is not in the database. 

Song Only Matching updates song fields such as SongTitle and TrackArtist without breaking up the grouping because it does not update release fields such as TrackNo and AlbumArtist

Genre White and Grey Lists

SongKong supports White and Grey Lists. We will add to Jaikoz support to only genre in  a particular list with white lists, and convert genres from another value with grey lists.


Accurate Changes Html Report  

SongKong create a detailed Html report  that shows exactly what changes have been made during a session, a similar report would be useful in Jaikoz.

New Features

Support for Beatports (Pro Only)

The quality of the data within MusicBrainz is unsurpassed, but it does not have total coverage. It is weighted towards CD and Albums, Discogs is better for Vinyl and Singles but better for cutting edge house and Dance is Beatport, we hope to add support for BeatPort


Wider Support for Artwork

For many customers the most important metadata that Jaikoz can add is artwork, in fact for some customers that is the only artwork they want Jaikoz to add. Currently we can only artwork if we have had a Discogs or MusicBrainz match and they have a link to artwork, however there are many cases whereby the existing metadata is good enough to find cover art for other sources even if the album is not available in MusicBrainz or Discogs. We want to add artwork in these cases.

Create Custom Fields (Pro Only)

Jaikoz supports nearly 200 metadata fields, but we realize that sometimes you need to add fields that we don't support, maybe for compatibility with a legacy application or for other special circumstances. We would like to add support to allow you to create custom fields as required.

Tagger Script (Pro Only)

This is a long requested feature that would let you set the value of a field based on another field, e.g artist=albumAlbum. We plan to implement this in a similar way to file-naming masks, allowing you to save multiple tagger script snippets that be applied to selected rows as required.

We are very excited about these plans and would welcome feedback on these ideas at this time. Also if there are major critical features that you think are missing for this list let us know, nothing is set in stone at this stage.


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