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Monday 24 September 2018

SongKong Tutorial: Part 1: Status Report

Part 2: Customizing Status Report

This is the start of a  SongKong tutorial aimed at new users. SongKong is deceptively powerful, in fact some customers say it is perhaps too powerful ! 

So it is sensible to understand how it works before diving in and setting it to work on your music collection.

Status Report

Before you start making changes with SongKong we recommend you run the Status Report task over your complete music library, the first icon on the toolbar. This does two things:

  1. It creates  a bar-chart giving you evidence of exactly what metadata your files currently contain
  2. Its creates a spreadsheet showing the location of your music files and all the metadata they contain. 
and it doesn't take very long to run.

Completeness Bar-Chart

The bar-chart gives a nice easy to understand view showing the percentage of your songs that have a particular metadata field, i.e on the screenshot below you can see 98% of songs have an Album field, 93% have an Artist field, but 0% have a Sort Artist field.


The spreadsheet is in the standard well supported xlsx format. So now you have a record of your music library that exists totally independently of SongKong. This can be used as an archive of your music collection at that point in time and a way to catalogue your library.

 It is multi-tabbed and shows all your existing metadata

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