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Tuesday 25 September 2018

SongKong Tutorial: Part 2: Status Report Customization

Part 1: Status Report

Part 3: Fix Songs, Use Preview Mode

Customizing Fields

By default the bar-chart only shows bars for the most common metadata. But SongKong can show a bar for any of the metadata it supports, and it supports over 130 metadata fields.

It is worthwhile reviewing the list of available fields by selecting the Update button and adding any that are you are interested in, this generally makes more sense then adding all fields.

Artwork Size Fields 

The Status Report also shows a count of how many songs contain artwork, and also how many songs have artwork larger than 500 pixels. This gives a better idea of the percentage of songs that have artwork of an acceptable quality.

You may be interested in knowing how many songs have artwork at a higher (or lower) resolution then this. You can easily modify the Show artwork at least this size option to do this.

Now when you run the Status Report it will use the revised figures. If we increase the value of Show artwork at least this size to 1000 the status report shows a count of Artwork of 100%, but only 32% for Artwork with width of 1000px or greater.

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