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Tuesday 2 October 2018

SongKong Tutorial: Part 3 - Fix Songs, Use Preview Mode

Part 2: Status Report Customization
Part 4: Three key Things to Understand about Fix Songs Results

Everyone has different reasons to try SongKong, but it very likely involves Fix Songs, the automated song matching task. 

Preview Mode

Without a license Fix Songs  runs in Preview mode, this means you can see exactly how successful SongKong was in song identification but no files are actually modified.

After installing a license Preview Mode defaults to switched off.

Run Preview Mode on your Music Collection

If you did not run Fix Songs in Preview Mode before buying a license we highly recommend you re-enable preview and then run it now on your whole collection with the default options, or at least a sizeable section of it.



The report generated gives a very useful summary of the percentage of matches to different databases. 

Matched to MusicBrainz

But it also allows you to see exactly what albums your  songs have been matched to:

Song Changes

And what data has been added for songs:


Metadata Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet can be easily used to browse changes, new fields are added as Yellow, modified fields are added as Green:

It also gives the chance to find things you don't like about the changes SongKong would make. For example you may use certain metadata fields in a non-standard way and would not wish SongKong to modify these fields.


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