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Wednesday 10 October 2018

Fix Songs, Review Match Options


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SongKong Tutorial: Part 5 - Fix Songs, Review Match Options

So you have run Fix Songs in Preview mode, but maybe it is not quite how you want it. This is the time to take a look at the options and fine tune, lets discuss some of the key options you may want to modify that affect song identification.

All these options are on the Match tab


Match: All Existing folders represent a single album

SongKong  generally treats folders as an album, this means it will only allow a match to an album if all songs in the folder match to the same album. But it also tries to recognise the occasional folder full of essentially random songs and treat them differently, allowing songs in such a folder to be matched to different albums or not matched at all;.

But if you know that every folder really does represent an album (or disc of a multi-disc album) then you can enable this option to force SongKong to treat all folders in this way.

Match: Preferred Release Countries

Often Albums often have different versions for different territories and countries, but there may be no physical difference between the track listing to help SongKong decide the release to choose.

For example the Italian and German version of a particular release may have different catalogue numbers or be released by a different record label. But this is information is very unlikely to be in your existing metadata so SongKong cannot use that to decide the release to pick.

But you can select a list of preferred countries that your albums are from and selecting those countries will give releases from those countries a boost making it more likely that they will be selected.

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