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Saturday 8 December 2018

Jaikoz 9.4.0 Release

It has been a while, but we are pleased to announce a new Jaikoz release today!

New Artwork Options

Music players can be very picky about how their artwork is delivered so we have added some new options to allow you to deal with this.

In the Local Correct:Artwork tab we have added two new options.

Preferred Image Format

By default Jaikoz will save the artwork in its its original format. But by checking JPEG it is forced to convert into JPEG, or by checking PNG it is converted to PNG

If both options are checked  than original image files that are either JPEG or PNG are not converted. Other formats will be converted to JPEG, and PNG only used if there was a problem converting to JPEG.

Compress artwork if size is larger than this

Remember that JPEG is a lossy format that is compressed. By making the image more lossy it can be compressed to smaller and smaller sizes but with a loss of quality. The default setting of 100,000 Kb is likely to have no effect as this sets the image size to a maximum of 100Mb, but you can reduce this as required.

Tagging Compability

We have fixed over twenty issues that affect how metadata is read and written to your music files. These improvements will make Jaikoz work better with non-standard audio files, and ensure these files are more compatible with other applications. 

Other Fixes

We also have a number of other fixes for Jaikoz, full details on the News page

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