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Thursday 17 January 2019

Hint and Tips:How to install SongKong database, logs and reports in a different location on a PC

SongKong stores a cache of the songs loaded and an audit of the changes made in its own database. It also creates comprehensive reports and detailed logs. With al this details there is no denying that over time these can eat into your disk space.

On Windows they are stored within


where username is your Windows user.

Recovering Disk Space

All can easily be removed and the space recovered by using the correct menu item:

Database: Empty Database
Logs :Empty Log Files
Report: Delete Reports 

but what about if you want to keep them, but just store the files in a different location in the first place ?

Windows Junction Points

With Unix and MacOS this can be easily done using symbolic links but these are not available with Windows. 

However Windows has Junction Points. these can be applied to make a folder link to a different location. For example here 

MKLINK /J C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Roaming\SongKong E:\SongKong

I have pointed 


to actually point to


Full Procedure

  • Shutdown SongKong
  • Create new SongKong file location (e.g E:\SongKong)
  • Copy the contents of old location to new location
  • Start command prompt (search for cmd) in toolbar search
  • Create Junction Point (mklink /J JunctionPoint  Folder)
  • Restart SongKong

and that should be it.

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