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Thursday 31 January 2019

Jaikoz Albunack Disc Id Matching

Albunack Disc Id Matching 

When you have a complete album stored in one folder with no missing or additional tracks, and the track order can be safely determined from either existing Track No metadata or the filename we can generate an AlbunackDiscId for your album. We can then look for a MusicBrainz match in the Albunack database, if we find matches we double check by looking at any existing metadata and/or generating AcoustIds for the first track.

This has three advantages over fingerprinting all songs and then finding matches based on fingerprints/acoustIds:

1. It is faster

Generating Acoustid fingerprints is a cpu intensive task, even on a fast machine it can take about a second per track. This might not seem much but it can become a bottleneck, especially on a machine with slow cpus, or only one cpu.

2. It finds more matches

Sometimes your album may be in MusicBrainz but there are no acoustic fingerprints linking to tracks on the MusicBrainz release. If you have no existing metadata then we cannot find a match based on fingerprints/metadata but we may be able to find a match based on AlbunackDiscIds !

3. It can match Discogs releases

The AlbunackDiscId is not just for MusicBrainz releases, it can also be used to match Discogs releases. This is very helpful, since we cannot directly use AcoustIds to match to Discogs.

Do I need AcoustIds for All My Songs ?

If you get an Albunack match then an acoustId fingerprint only needs to be created for one track. However there are occasions when you may want to get acoustIds for each tracks regardless.

AcoustIds are one way of finding Duplicate files so if you are using one of these options you may want to add AcoustIds for all songs.

Also the Filters menu lets you filter by variations of AcoustIds.

You can ensure AcoustIds have been added for every song before running Delete Duplicates by using the Retrieve AcoustIds Task 

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