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Thursday 27 March 2014

Why do we still call digital music taggers Mp3 Tag Editors ?

Browsing the web this morning I was surprised that most articles about tagging music still refer to software such as Jaikoz or SongKong as a type of MP3 Tag Editor or MP3 Tagger. Whilst MP3 is probably still the most common form of digital music shouldn't we be talking about Digital Music Taggers or simply Music Taggers these days. I hope mp3 doesn't become ingrained as the defacto word for digital like Hoover became for Vacuam Cleaner

Certainly mp3 is not an acceptable format when purchasing digital music these days, for example iTunes uses mp4. And with the availability of cheap disk space ripping CD's to lossless formats like Flac or Apple Lossless is the most sensible option.

Another annoyance about MP3 is capitalization, after all these years I'm very unsure whether to refer to it as MP3 or Mp3

I was also surprised that the wikipedia entry for tag editor   has one page for two completely different type of taggers, music taggers and image taggers.

Actually the word Tag was the name given to the metadata format used by Mp3s (ID3) to describe the container for storing metadata, most formats don't actually use this terminology and it would be better to say Music Metadata Editor rather than Music Tag Editor. Many applications have got confused about the word Tag and use it to refer to parts of the metadata within the tag like artist or genre, in fact Ive been guilty of this myself in the past.

Having said that Tagger is a a nice shortening of Tag Editor, so my preferred choice is still Music Tagger, anybody have a better alternative ?

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