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Friday 17 March 2017

A Potted History of Jaikoz and SongKong

Jaikoz was originally released back in 2005, over ten years ago. It got me thinking where has the time gone, and what have we achieved ?

I have always tried to have original ideas rather than take other people ideas and I realized that actually there are quite a few features of Jaikoz and SongKong where I got their first. So at the risk of being self-indulgent here is a chronological list of some of these.

Jan 2005 Jaikoz is released with full spreadsheet interface, this meant instead of having to edit tracks one by one changes could be made rapidly.

June 2005 Jaikoz approach MusicBrainz to become the first commercial tagger to use MusicBrainz for tag matching and help setup the Tagger affiliate program. From the start we always stored the MusicBrainz Ids as well as the song metadata to allow users libraries to be fully MusicBrainz enabled.

June 2007 JThink open source our tagging library for reading and writing metadata to files for different audioformats called jaudiotagger. Jaudiotagger has been very popular and as well as being popular on Pc, Macs and Linux is now the No 1 tagging library for Android devices.

Sep 2008  Jaikoz is the first tagger to add support for Discogs matching when they opened up their metadata without restrictions.

Nov 2008  Jaikoz adds tools for submitting collection to MusicBrainz and seeding MusicBrainz releases.

Feb 2010 Jaikoz takes spreadsheet support further by allowing metadata to be exported to a spreadsheet, edited and then imported back into Jaikoz and hence the files. No other application can do this.

Nov 2011  SongKong released, the only totally automated tag editor with no options for manual editing. SongKong is the first application to use Acoustid for acoustic fingerprinting. 

May 2012 SongKong adds a database based Undo facility that allows metadata changes to be reverted even after a reboot, this feature is unique to SongKong.

July 2014 We create the first combined MusicBrainz/Discogs database server called Albunack. This combines data between the two datasets, includes all metadata that could be used for tagging. It is optimized to provide much better performance than be achieved using MusicBrainz or Discogs directly. Shortly after Jaikoz and SongKong move to use this database.    

Dec 2014 SongKong supports both release based matching and song only matching when the release cannot be accurately determined. Song only matching updates song details such as track title and track artist but not release metadata such as track no or album title. This is in contrast with other applications that either treat songs independently and take no care over their album metadata or applications that do consider songs as parts of albums but then prevent matches when the albums cannot be determined. Im not aware of any other application that can currently do this.

Feb 2015  SongKong is the first application to use AcousticBrainz to support Bpm, Key and Mood analysis. Jaikoz adds support shortly after.

Oct 2016 We release the first version of SongKong to solve many of the metadata issues people have when trying to identify Classical music. Solving issues with identification of Classical, Works, Movements, Composers, Performers and Artists.
Dec 2016 SongKong and Jaikoz become the only applications to support automatic updating of the new works and movement fields newly introduced within iTunes 

March 2017 We team up with Melco to solve an issue for Naim UnitiServe customers, namely parsing the proprietary metadata used by Naim and embedding into the files themselves using standard metadata.Unique to SongKong for Melco.

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