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Friday 24 March 2017

SongKong 4.7 for Melco released 24th of February 2017

We have added some important improvements to the ability of SongKong for Melco to read All Music Guide data from the Naim proprietary WAV metadata format and embed the metadata in the files themselves so that can be read by non Naim applications.

Fix Songs Report - All Music Guide section

We now have a separate section in the Fix Song report called All Music Guide, this works in a similar way to Matched to MusicBrainz Release and Matched to Discogs Release  

Selecting All Music Guide opens up an alphabetical index:

Then selecting a letter lists the Album Artist of releases that have been matched to All Music Guide metadata, together with a count of the number of songs that had been matched.

Selecting an Album Artist updates the right hand side of the report with the All Music Guide album(s) that have been matched  

Selecting one of these albums lists more information about the album together with a list of all the songs that have been matched on the album and file that has been matched for each track.

Unlike Matched to MusicBrainz Release and Matched to Discogs Release SongKong is not trying to search for a possible match it is simply taking the amginfo.xml file for the files in the folder, parsing this file and embedding the metadata in the files themselves. There should be the same number of music files in the folder as on the release and therefore all the songs on the release should be matched.
Please note we talk about the All Music Guide in this article but when the Naim UnitiServe rips a CD and it cannot find a match to the All Music Guide it does a lookup from CDDB instead and creates a cddbinfo.txt file. SongKong also parses and embeds these files as well, but they contain less metadata information than the All Music Guide.

Fix Songs Report - Song Change section 

The song changes report now indicates for each song when they have been matched to the All Music Guide.  In this example all songs have been matched to All Music Guide, MusicBrainz and Discogs !


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