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Friday 24 March 2017

SongKong 4.7 now with View Metadata as Spreadsheet

Today we release SongKong 4.7,this new release has some major improvements to the Fix Songs report, some new options for classical matching and fixes for a number of niggling issues.

View Metadata as Spreadsheet

An often requested feature is now here. The Fix Songs Report now has a new option called View Metadata as Spreadsheet, clicking on this will open a spreadsheet (.xlsx format) in your preferred spreadsheet application listing the complete set of metadata within the set of files processed by SongKong. 

This shows the metadata as it currently is, if in Preview mode it shows the metadata as it would be if not in Preview mode.This spreadsheet view enables you to very quickly view multiple changes on multiple files.
Because SongKong can typically add a lot of different metadata we group the metadata into logical groupings over a number of sheets. The sheets are Basic, Release, Classical, People, Sort Fields, MusicBrainz & Discogs, MusicBrainz Work and AcousticBrainz - every sheet lists songs alphabetically by filename, the filename is in the first column of each sheet.

When SongKong has added a metadata for a field that did not have any metadata for that field it is shaded yellow, when the field did already have metadata but it has now changed then it is highlighted green, if a field is deleted it is highlighted red.

Classical Improvements

Before this release you could force all releases to be considered not classical but you could not force all releases to be considered. Also you could not allow SongKong to set the IsClassical field without applying Classical options. we have now replaced one option with the two below. 

Identify Classical releases

SongKong uses various way to identify Classical tracks, if a song does appear to be a Classical piece then the IsClassical field is set. Usually it is best to let SongKong to decide if a release is classical or not by keeping the default option of Classical releases identified by SongKong . But some releases are difficult to assess. If you know all the releases you are matching in this run are Classical then you can set this option to All releases treated as Classical to force SongKong to treat all matched songs as classical and set the isClassical field. Alternatively if you consider none of the releases to be Classical then you can set this option to None, no releases treated as Classical to force SongKong to treat all the songs to none classical, clearing any values previously set for the IsClassical field.

Apply these options to releases identified as Classical

If this option is enabled then whenever a song is identified as Classical the options on this tab are applied to it, they are not applied to releases identified as non-Classical.



When SongKong decides if a release is classical or not there are still ambiguities regarding if a release is Classical or not since it is a little subjective.So we have also added an exception list . Adding the MusicBrainz Release Id of a release to the not_classical_release.txt file ensures they are not treated as Classical releases.

Improvements to Song matching

Various improvements and fixes have been made to single song matching, single song matching occurs when an attempted match of a group songs failed to find a match. But then depending on customer options an attempt can  be made to match individual songs. 


Other Fixes and Improvements

We have made a number of minor improvements in many areas of SongKong, the full list of fixes can be found on the SongKong News page

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