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Thursday 3 March 2022

Jaikoz 11.1 Hole released March 3rd 2022

Pleased to announce a major release of Jaikoz 

This release has three main areas of focus: 

 Improvements to User Interface

We now support the main view/edit table being multi tabbed so now you can view many fields without having to scroll to the right, the tabs are fully configurable and you can have as few or many as you like, see here for details. 

Perhaps the most requested feature has now been done, we now support  multiple column sorting for more details 


SongKong Compatibility

Jaikoz and SongKong have similar matching algorithms and support the same metadata fields, but they were doing things a bit differently. Some customers use both applications and this meant that if you matched your library in SongKong and then updated them in Jaikoz some fields would get modified, then if you updated in SongKong they would get modified again, this release aims to eliminate this yo-yo ing. We also have modified the default settings of Jaikoz to better match the SongKong default profile 

Additionally we have added full support for release level performers and Discogs performers to match SongKong 


Bug Fixing

We have updated the jaudiotagger music tagging library, this has over twenty fixes since the last Jaikoz release, and we have fixed a number of Jaikoz bugs recently reported by customers.


JAIKOZ-1371 Synchronize row sorting between views, should attempt to sync scrolling when on same table AND tab

JAIKOZ-1368 If Classical:Copy Work to Grouping isSupport is set to MP3 and AIF should apply to all ID3 formats

JAIKOZ-1361 Jaikoz not adding Bpm unless it is within the Albunack Db Cache

JAIKOZ-1357 Low level fixes for audio format issues

JAIKOZ-1350 Fixed some issues with MusicBrainz Performers

JAIKOZ-1346 Changes tab on detail panel only the shows the first value (for multi field valueds such as instrument)

JAIKOZ-1345 Cell Editor for Instrument field only allows editing of one field

JAIKOZ-1344 Match Songs to Selected Release in Manual Tag from Musicbrainz only works if Row No then Select columns are visible

JAIKOZ-1343 Even if set to zero if MP4 has a compilation field it is shown as compilation in Jaikoz

JAIKOZ-1341 Classical:Remove Composers from Album Artist alwasy enabled even if unset

JAIKOZ-1338 If have invalid Acoustid user key Jaikoz does not report that when you try and Submit Acoustid /Mb Id Pairs

JAIKOZ-1219 MacOS Mojave:Column Sorter not working reliably


JAIKOZ-1373 MacOS:For Dark mode move from Darcula to FlatLafDark

JAIKOZ-1367 Better match defaults to SongKong Default profile defaults

JAIKOZ-1363 For ID3 save Media as plain text instead of mapping to list

JAIKOZ-1360 IsCompilation, IsGreatestHits fields should be set to zero if not true rather than not being set at all

JAIKOZ-1358 Add autopopulation of Amazon Id (ASIN)

JAIKOZ-1349 Add support for Discogs performers

JAIKOZ-1348 Jaikoz not adding artist wikipedia or official site urls

JAIKOZ-1342 Add Hide Column option to the column header

JAIKOZ-1340 Add -d start folder option that would replace the value of startRead Folder


JAIKOZ-1234 Albunack should store release level performer credits

JAIKOZ-0612 Move fields from Audio tab in to the main View/Edit displays

JAIKOZ-0604 Add freely configurable panes/tabs/grid views

JAIKOZ-0576 Support Multi-Column Sorting

JAIKOZ-0006 Add predefined column sets to Table Preferences such as 'iTunes view'

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