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Tuesday 22 March 2022

Jaikoz 11.4 Blur released March 22nd 2022

Jaikoz 11.4 Blur released March 22nd 2022

Only three improvements/fixes but all very important ones.

Acoustid Fingerprinting on MacoS
Acoustid fingerprinting is a core part of the Jaikoz matching algorithm, it allows us to identify song without any existing metadata and cross check against matches using metadata. Last year Apple released the M1 cpu and although Jaikoz can run on the M1 using Rosetta emulation the fingerprinting is provided as a independent tool and have only recently discovered this didn’t work on M1.

This is fixed with this release, if you are using Jaikoz with a new Apple computer that has the M1 chip then you need to upgrade to 11.4 for Jaikoz to work properly.

Also until this release Jaikoz on MacOS could not fingerprint WAV files, this is also now resolved.

Better Artwork with fanart.tv
In the last release we added support for cover art from fanart.tv, artwork from here is guaranteed to 1000 x 1000 pixels and to be top quality. But we only checked fanart if we coudn’t get any artwork from the Cover Art archive used by MusicBrainz, but now we will also check fananrt if there was artwork from MusicBrainz but it was smaller than 1000 pixels.

So in this release you should see significantly better artwork for many of your releases.

To guarantee this we recommend running Advanced:Empty Cache the first time you start Jaikoz 11.4



JAIKOZ-1404 MACOS:Add support for Acoustid fingerprinting of Wav files

JAIKOZ-1403 If CoverArt from CAA is less than 1000 pixels in size look on FanArt for better Image

JAIKOZ-1402 Need to move Fingerprinting to fpcalc 1.5.1 to get Mac M1 chipset support


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