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Tuesday 22 March 2022

Jaikoz 11.3.0 Ride released March 14th 2022


We have a new Jaikoz release with some improvements to cover art and some bug fixes.



Cover Art Improvements 

In this release we have added FanArt as a cover art source, FanArt provide high quality 1000x1000px images keyed by MusicBrainz Release Group Id, this means than unlike the Cover Art Archive there is only one standard image for all versions of a release.

So we still prefer the cover art provided by Cover Art Archive keyed by the MusicBrainz Release Id as this more accurately can represent the particular version of the release you have, but we if there is no artwork we then check FanArt in preference to Discogs because the artwork is usually of a higher quality.

We have also have increased the default maximum image size from 1000 x1000 to 1200 x 1200. This is because the Cover Art Archive provides images as 1200 x 1200 thumbnails if the original image is
large enough, so then we don’t have to do the resizing ourselves, instead we can directly use the thumbnails provided by Covert Art Archive.

Bug Regressions

We have fixed an issue with the highlighters not working, and some problems with the new sorting/syncing introduced in Jaikoz 11.1.

View Artwork Full Size now automatically scales the image if there is not enough room onscreen to show the image in its native size.


JAIKOZ-1395 1 Exception when load new files with DuplicateAcoustid Highlighter enabled

JAIKOZ-1394 1 When artwork is larger than 1000 pixels the View Artwork Full Size doesnt show whole image

JAIKOZ-1392 RowSorter Exception

JAIKOZ-1390 Regression:Highlight Field Not working


JAIKOZ-1397 1 Add support for Fanart.tv Cover art, when it has the artwork it is always of high quality, keyed by MusicBrainz ReleaseGroupId so a good fit.

JAIKOZ-1393 Change the default max size of artwork to 1200 so dont need to resize if getting large thumbnails from Caa



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