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Wednesday 30 March 2022

SongKong 8.2 Forever Released March 30th 2022


We are pleased to announce major release SongKong 8.2 Forever

This release has alot of improvements and fixes

FanArt Cover Art

In this release we have added FanArt.tv as a cover art source, FanArt provide high quality 1000x1000px images, if CoverArtArchive cannot provide an image of this size then we check FanArt.

We have also fixed a problem with the Cover Art Archive that preventing us retrieving images if MusicBrainz still used the http url instead of the https url.

As a result of these changes you should noticeably more and better quality album artwork with this release.

Native Mac M1 Build

We now provide a native build for the new Apple M1 cpu so you can now run SongKong on newer macs without having to use Rosetta 2, this will give much better performance.

We also fix an issue with the fingerprinter (Acoustid), this was not working properly for the M1 cpus.

Dark Mode

We now support Dark Mode on all platforms, we also use a new Look and Feel called FlatLaf on all platforms

And on MacOS the default option of Match Appearance will automatically match the Apples General:Appearance setting.

Windows Release

We have fixed the issue that caused you to have to run SongKongGui to run SongKong without the Dos window. You can now run SongKong, if you are asked to run the command window for debugging purposes you can now use SongKongDebug

Latest Java Version

All platforms have now been updated to use the latest Java version, this means various underlying Java issues are resolved and that we can make use of the latest Java features when developing SongKong.


SONGKONG-2295 Delete Reports can take a while if have many report but cursor is not changed can look like SongKong has crashed

SONGKONG-2291 Parsing filename for metadata doesnt deal properly with additional '.' characters in filename

SONGKONG-2288 Null error when nothing in FieldToDelete option

SONGKONG-2287 Not seeming to match to MusicBrainz Album only Discogs when songs have good metadata but not album folders

SONGKONG-2283 SongKong unable to get MusicBrainz coverart when original url is http and redirects to https

SONGKONG-2279 Occasional FileRename Error:Null PointerException

SONGKONG-2278 Include instrument arranger in arranger field

SONGKONG-2248 Windows:Main SongKong application should be SongKong not SongKongGui

SONGKONG-2181 Need to protect against user having all songs in a single folder and the increased memory load required


SONGKONG-2296 Processing superlarge folder can take a long time to get going if no metadata because may submit as one group

SONGKONG-2293 Need to move Fingerprinting to fpcalc 1.5.1 to get Mac M1 chipset support

SONGKONG-2292 Change the default max size of artwork to 1200 so dont need to resize if getting large thumbnails from Caa

SONGKONG-2286 Add support for Fanart.tv Cover art

SONGKONG-2285 Add support for Dark Mode for Windows and Linux

SONGKONG-2284 Use FlatLaf LookAndFeel for all platforms

SONGKONG-2282 When add performers from Discogs they should be added alphabetically

SONGKONG-2269 Update all platforms to Java 17 LTS

SONGKONG-2158 Add MacOS M1 Build

SONGKONG-2092 Replace standard Nashorn Javascript with standalone GitHub version

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